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Face Mask
Face Masks Adults
R 100
Black, Orange, Pink, Royal Blue, Bottle Green, Dark Blue, Mixed Colours
Small (For Children and Younger Teens), Large (For Adults and Older Teens)

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Protect youself and your loved ones and start doing it right now! Our time is running out!


Use this washable and re-usable mask to limit the chances of you touching your mouth and nose directly, two of the three vulnerable areas for the Corona virus to enter your body. Additionally you should wear glasses to limit your chances of touching your eyes, the third vulnerable area.

Limit the chances of invecting other people around you should you be infected and accidentally sneeze or cough which may infect other people around you. If you are infected you should isolate yourselve from other people please.

Note that these masks are not designed to filter out any virusses from the air but it may trap infected body fluids before it gets to your mouth or your nose therefor reducing your risk of infection. Get two masks and make sure you wash one pair every day with soap water or sanitizer and sterilize it even further by allowing it to dry in direct sunlight. Keeping your mask clean and sterilized reduces your chances to infection. When using alcohol based sterilizing agents ensure that the alcohol is properly evaporated and that there are no vapours left that can affect your health. Do not use chlorine to sterilize the masks because chlorine gas is very dangerous to your health. We recommend warm water and soap.

Our masks are made from cotton. Natural materials are known to deter virusses but you still have to make every precaution possible to limit your chances of infection.

a Normal person touch his or her own face up to two thousand times per day. If you touched a surface or a person that may have become infected and then touch the mask you may place the virus on the mask and it can still be active for a few hours so it is imperitive that you wash the masks at least once a day and that is why we recommend that you keep a second mask. Wash your hands regularly and also wash your face when you get home. Taking a shower is highly recommended because the virus might be present on your body.

By no means does this mask replace the generally recommended N95 (or similar) masks, but the world is in short supply and most of us can not afford to buy an N95 mask for everyday use. This is the next best thing we can do to protect ourselves.

Operating instructions

Find the alumnium wire nose peace on the edge of the mask and make sure it is positioned at the centre of the mask's nose peace. Hold the wire on each side between the thumb and your pointing finger of both hands and with your thumbs touching each other. Bend the wire to the bridge curve of your nose and test the mask. It must fit comfortably. It should no seal a hundred percent because you need a gap where the carbon dioxide that you breath out can escape otherwise your blood oxygen levels may drop. The safest place for such openings is on the side of your nose. 

At the bottom of the masks there is an opening that will seal against your face. This opening is to allow you to put extra filtration material in between the two layers of cotton should you desire to do so. Take care not to obstruct your breathing. We included a secondary filter material into the package that you can use but you can also use tissue or similar materials as filters if it will make you feel safer. The idea is to prevent a straight path of possibly infected sputim droplets from passing through. Droplets should rather get stuck to the material than entering your mouth or nose. That is why you should wash the mask everyday. The mask may get infected. As long as you dont get infected. If you feel dizzy you may have to much filtering material in and should remove it (or at least some of it) or the seal around around your nose where carbon dioxide should escape may be too tight. Please ensure that your children is breathing comfortably.

Place the two elastic bands around your ears and position the mask to fit comfortably on your face.

Brace yourself against this virus and take every precaution possible to prevent getting infected!

Disclaimer: This is an attempt to safeguard South Africans from the Corona virus. We can not guarantee that this device will safe guard you against the virus. Your behaviour is your best defence. You are informed that you need to ensure that you can breathe freely when using the device to prevent your from getting dizzy or suffer from low oxygen levels. You buy this device at own risk and by doing so you free Grow Machines of any liabilities regarding the use of the device. We recommend that you do not use this device when driving. There is no guarantee on the device. We accept no returns due to the risk of the virus spreading.

Behaviour and self isolation is still your number one defence against this disease. Additionally you should wash and sanitise your hands after touching surfaces or objects that may be contaminated and avoid touching your face.


Please check stock with us before you order. We offer a courier service nation wide at R110/per package.


Good luck to all South Africans!