soilless growing technology 


Plants do not require soil or any medium to grow. Plants require water, light, carbon dioxide, oxygen, nutrients and the right conditions to grow...the essential building blocks. Delivering these building blocks to plants in the right quantities and ratios can make plants grow at optimal rates way beyond the normal performance as we experience it in every day life. At Grow Machines we dedicate our lifes to develop and manufacture the most advanced hydroponic systems to deliver the essential building blocks so that plants can grow at near optimal rates. It is a science, it is a passion, it is an art and it is what we do best. We invite you to be part of this journey. 


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"Join me in my quest to preserve earth for future generations. We invent systems to optimize land, feed people and animals, create opportunities and stop wars. 


Please support inventors and become a pioneer for the next era of human progress. Inventors can not do this on our own. We need sponsors to make the difference. Please support new developments because it is for the greater good of human kind"

You may think it is rocket science and was. I took a 10 year journey to develop systems that make soilless hydroponics easier for others. With only four hours of training and the right equipment you can do it at home. With only three days of training and the right commercial equipment you can do it on commercial scale and start your own bussiness. How many other careers requires only three days of formal training?

If you want to do soilless hydroponics please take the time to read the story of how we got to this point and why our equipment and experience is the best you can get to help you setup your hydroponic system....


You may think it is expensive to do. We made it more affordable than ever before. You can also do this! Allow us to help you setup your project correctly.Together we can set up a more advanced, more productive and more cost effective operation than any other hydroponic system around.



I took perseverance, stamina and all our life savings to get to a stage where we can supply you with proven equipment that works really well. Our patented NFT trellis crop hydroponic system, commonly refered to as the "Hallelujah System" was declared novel and inventive by the internasional patent offices in Geneva. It is a first of its kind in the world and has been operational and proven in various commercial operations in and around South Africa with growth rate improvements of up to six hundred percent compared to conventional agricultural practises.


All our hydroponic systems are manufactured from the best materials to provide you with the longest service life possible. Frames are made from good quality aluminium that is properly welded and bolted together. Hydroponic systems components are extruded from organic UV stablised heavy meat free PVC. Tanks are made from virgin LDPE plastics.


All equipment are manufactured locally in South Africa. We compete with the best in the world. Wether you choose green houses, net houses or no protection at all, we have excellent experience in all and will advise on what we know works best and provides the best results and yields.


We offer solutions for every step of the process from planting, to growing seedlings or clones, to main production units, pest control and we can even provide valuable advise on processing, packaging and marketing.


Our soilles growing technology includes aeroponic seedling systems, Ebb & Flow seedling systems, NFT raised bed hydroponic systems and NFT Trellis Crop Hydroponic Systems.


We have a promosing hydroponic green feed system coming up for livestock tested four times more efficient in terms of weight conversion over time than fodder systems.


Involve us in your farm planning because we can offer solutions to combine hydroponic green feeds or even hydroponic vegetable cultivation with livestock farming that has the ability to maximize profits and even turn deserts green again. Steer away from feed lots and restore the condition of your farm's soil. Become a microbe farmer and in return you will become a more efficient livestock farmer.