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Raised Bed or Bench Hydroponic System


The Raised Bed or Bench Hydroponic System is ideal for leafy crops and herbs. In this system  a number of gullies rest upon a multi functional beam. This  gives support to the  number of gullies that is supplied with the nutrient rich water solution. These gullies differ from the NFT Trellis Crop gullies in design and function.


Other components of this system include a pumping station, reservoir, collection tank (for the collection of water from the gullies, to be measured for Ph and EC, adjusted and reused in the system) and cooling tower (optional), bulk tanks and mixing station (optional). 


There are two options for the pumping station, the manual power pack (hand operated valves) or the robotic power pack (automatic dosing). With the robotic power pack the bulk tanks is optional. 

The NFT systems makes transplanting and getting into production instantaneous after installation, if transplant ready seedlings are on hand once installation is completed.  

Combination NFT Trellis Crop system & NFT Bench SystermCombination NFT Trellis Crop system & NFT Bench Systerm

5m x  6m  NFT Bench System house 340 plants    {1 power pack}

5m x 12m NFT Bench System house 680 Plants   {1 power pack}

5m x 18m NFT Bench System house 1020 plants  {1 power Pack}

5m x 24m NFT Bench System house 1360 plants  {1 power pack} 

5m x 30m NFT Bench System house 1700 plants  {1 power pack}

5m x 48m NFT Bench System house 2720 plants  {1 power pack}