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NFT Trellis Crop Hydroponic Systems

NFT Trellis Crop hydroponic Systems (nicknamed the "Hallelujah System") is a first of it's kind patented hydroponic system that was developed in South Africa. It is a new concept, declared novel and inventive by the international patent offices in Austria, and quickly making name in commercial hydroponics across the globe. 

It was originally designed to grow trellis crops (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, hops etc.), but have since proven to be equally effective in growing leafy crops, herbs, strawberries, swiss chard and to our amazement even some root crops like potatoes. Various other crops including tobacco are currently being investigated and tested.

A number of these commercial systems are now operational across South Africa and other African countries. It was cleverly designed and present growers with unique operating features, that lead to outstanding performance statistics. The system is outperforming conventional farming multiple times and is bringing back hope to many of the challenges we face today.

Although this system was purposely developed for vegetable production, it has become a system of choice for high quality and volume medicinal cannabis flower production due to its flexibility in plant manipulation and the high standards of hygiene that can be achieved and that is required my the medicinal councils of the countries where the production of medicinal cannabis have been legalized.

Standard NFT Trellis Crop "Hallelujah" System

This is our Standard NFT Trellis Corp Hydroponic SystemThis is our Standard NFT Trellis Corp Hydroponic System