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Raised NFT Trellis Crop "Hallelujah" Hydroponic System


The NFT hydroponic systems does not make use of any substrate or medium to produce or grow plants in.  Growing plants are in constant direct contact with a thin film of nutrient rich water via their roots. The NFT Trellis Crop "Hallelujah" system is designed to accommodate the root zones from young plants to those of mature and producing plants easily and seedlings develop well and very fast in this system. 


In the raised system, the NFT gully structures are installed on aluminum structures/feet. 

Other components of this system include a pumping station, reservoir, collection tank (for the collection of water from the gullies, to be measured for ph and EC, adjusted and reused in the system) and cooling tower (optional), bulk tanks and mixing station (optional). 

There is two options for the pumping station, the manual power pack (hand operated valves) or the robotic power pack (automatic dosing). With the robotic power pack the bulk tanks is optional.